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Visual Media Consulting

Lecturing on DSLR Video operations

It’s a fast-paced and changing world making it hard to keep current on many of the different forms of imaging software and communications. Being on the leading edge (some would call it the bleeding edge) of digital photography since 1994 has given me a unique skill set.


Visual Media Consulting

Nick Didlick 1994

Whether your company is large or small, I can assist you through a maze of information that abounds in the field of Digital Imaging. I offer straight consulting services and on-site teaching services, which can be contracted together or separately. In-group sessions of two, to over two hundred over the last year I have conducted courses, seminars and lectures on Color Management, Digital Photography Workflow, Digital Camera Operation, Basic and Advanced Adobe Photoshop training and Digital SLR Videography.

In August of 1994 that I gave up the old technology of film photography for Digital Photography while working at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

Using an NC2000 – 1.3-megapixel camera and a greyscale Apple PowerBook was a challenge when trying to deliver an image of “decent quality.” Those were wild and wooly days and if you want to read more about early digital photography, have a look at Eamon Hickey’s story about those days at

In those days, there were no “How To” manuals and there was only a handful of people doing any real digital photography for production in 1994. I was sought out by many people asking all sorts of questions about digital photography, computers, and applications, and began sharing information on a more formal basis then.


Having lectured and taught photography for most of my career, I gave my first “Survival Course for Photographers” back in 1994 based on Adobe Photoshop 2.5!

Today I offer services to amateur and professional digital photographers in private, classroom and ballroom sessions from one on one to groups of 300 or more. I like to teach seminars on the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it simple stupid) and try and provide a blend of entertainment and information. Delivering information from a uniquely Canadian point of view and I think laughter makes the learning process easier.

Digital camera set-up and operations, photo workflow, photo applications, color management are all topics I cover on either both the Mac and Windows platforms and on most of the popular camera brands. I also have lectured on Photojournalism and Digital Photography Ethics.

Consulting – Event Management

Press Conferences, Sports Events and other High Profile Media and Public Events create stress on both event organizers and those that cover them. Planning and preparation for the visual media that cover these events take a particular expertise. From lighting, background, media positions and filing technology, it is all part of ensuring a smooth running successful event.

I have worked both from the media side and the event management side of events and understand the need for organizers to get a message out while at the same time providing onsite services required by the visual reporting media in gathering material to make a report. Whether you have a small or Olympic-sized event, I can help in making it a successful stress-free event to remember.

Visual Media Consulting

Managing the Gymnastics Gold Medal Ceremonies at the London 2012 Summer Olympics

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