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Vancouver Videography

A Screengrab from – “Race you to the Lake” featuring Stan Rey and David Gheriani

Vancouver Videography: While few could foresee the takeover of digital photography from traditional film-based photography in the early 1990’s many of us believe that video will dominate the web and change how businesses communicate their messages to clients.

Change is coming

While change never stops, of course, and with the Internet dominating the communications industry coupled with faster download speeds and mobile devices, no photographer can survive without being able to shoot and produce entertaining and instructional video content.

I know this first hand when in 2004 I was preparing for a photo shoot when a week out from the shoot date the client asked: “Oh and you can shoot some video for us as well can’t you?” It was then I started to master capturing still, video and audio for clients.

One man band

Working in video is a complicated task in the past requiring the talents of many people to produce a few minutes of video. Now with the changing technologies built into still cameras it is easily possible to shoot still and video during the same assignment at almost the same time.

I love working on projects like this working alone or with an assistant this kind of job takes planning, coordination, and cooperation from all parties to make it a success.

Why hire me?

I break complex assignments down to its essential components story – audio – video and add still imagery if required. Come up with a plan and a budget and execute. While this sounds simple, it is not, and I have found that planning is 60% of any video shoot.


I have shot editorial and commercial video projects since that first video shoot in 2004 and seen the video technology change as dramatically since that time.

I usually shoot everything on Nikon DSLR cameras but also deploy GoPro’s and Drones in most of my video projects. I capture audio separately on professional audio recorders and microphones to give depth and flexibility to your video production.

I am not only able to shoot your video, but also edit and output it to your specifications.

Just the facts

At Vancouver Videography we know not all video projects are simple, from 6 second Vine and 15 second Instagram videos to longer YouTube and Vimeo productions they all have their complexities. I have worked on some challenging projects. Email me today and ask for a quote on your project.

Nick Didlick Demo Reel from www.visualmediaproducer on Vimeo.

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